Take me in your arms

Take me in your arms
by Gillie McPherson

I wasn't looking for anything
There was nothing I wanted to hide
When one gentle stranger who did not intend
Swerved my steadfast spirit aside.
I was ready to fall for the feel of it all
I thought that you'd reach out for me.
So willing to dance with my heart on my sleeve
I've already started to deeam

Take me in your arms
Tell me slowly
Now you are here tonight
Love me only
Make me sure of you
Feel so tender and warm
Keep me near to you
All night long.

Please don't leave me alone tonight
Devoted to what you're doing to me
With no one to case my feelings and say
Slip away , forget what you see.
If only you'd tear up this passion I feel
Tear up the words I'm ready to say
But you're somewhere way beyond
Won't you be but a second away.

 And take me in your arms etc. .

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