Our street

Our Street
by Gillie Mc Pherson

When I left Belfast there were soldiers on our street
I was a young girl with my life in front of me
Down on the corner prejudice stood there
Holding on to dogma and not going anywhere

On our street.

The people wjho live on our street, they can understand
A kind of border line when they shake your hand
Down on the corner, agitated tribes
Say they want to barter but they offer bribes

Dog on the chain , chain on the dog.
Chain on the dogma , the dogma chain

On our street .

Another peace pact another promise to break
Legalities on paper signed with significant date
Down on the corner we leave a trail of clues
'Cause we want changes, we want to break that dogma noose.

Dog on the chain, chain on the dog .
Chain on the dogma,  the dogma chain.
Dog on the chain , chain on the dog.
Chain on the dogma ,the dogma chain.

On our street .

Waiting on the corner.
Waiting for you
Waiting on the corner .
Waiting for you .

He'll tell you what to do .
He's gonna eat your life up
Don't you listen to that dogma.
Waiting  on the corner
Waiting for you.

On our street .


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