Sweet Deceit


Sweet Deceit
by Gillie McPherson

There you sit smoking in the candle light puffing it up to the rose
No one can talk you around to reality You just sit there and suppose
Well I'm not saying it's not a great idea; it's just fin if you can make it work
But nobody is calling the shots and you'll be left there kicking up the dirt

And all of that sweet deceit,
I'm gonna stay no matter what you do
All that sweet deceit is getting the better of you

You've got a head full of crazy notions You're way out on the line
You keep trying to stretch your emotions, well they'll break down sometime
I just hope to God it's not when you're least expecting, not when your resistance is low
Don't let me witness a sorry sight just watching your tear drops flow

For all of that sweet deceit etc.

Well you better stop. I just can't let this happen, this slip down the road to decline
Hey honey I know you and you're stronger than this so get up and straighten your tie
You 've been too loose too easy on yourself too lazy to get up and shout.
Don't tell me you've got nothing to say 'cause I know what this is all about .

It's all of that sweet deceit etc.

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